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A little kindness in the face of strangers
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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
2:36 am
The best conversation I've ever had with a cashier
I went to see 27 Dresses with two friends yesterday, so of course we went to the grocery store before hand to buy candy for the movie. I love Wegmans, and I wish they were my local grocery store, but I have to content myself with going shopping there when I'm in the area to see a movie. So my friends and I got our candy (and, in my case, especially to pick up some of my favorite tea that I haven't seen anywhere else) and stood in line, and Nichelle was talking about getting business cards, and practicing throwing them, and so of course I asked her if she meant like Gambit, to which she scoffed that she has no aspirations of being an X-men character. At that point, she started laughing hysterically, because that must have been when the cashier finished with the previous customer and started paying attention to us, and he must have looked baffled. So I gave him the back story, and he said I totally out-dorked him on that one (I didn't tell him I've really only seen the movies, because whatevs, I don't need to defend my "dignity") and from there we were just off and running. He said that he's more into classic literature for his nerd-dom (apparently there's a hierarchy I didn't know about- dork, geeks, nerds, geeks being dorks with smarts and nerds being geeks with friends) and talking about when he proposes to a girlfriend he's going to use three of the rings of power for the engagement and wedding rings. So of course I asked him if he had the girlfriend yet, and when he didn't answer I raised my hand and said "I'll volunteer!" I didn't let myself be insulted that he didn't actually say anything to that either- though, seriously, when a pretty girl says she'll be your girlfriend, even when she's joking, you should say something- because, really, what's an appropriate response to that? Banter like that went on while he finished ringing up all our purchases.

Reading all of it typed out like that doesn't really give the picture of why it was so exciting, I guess, because it's not so much what you say as that you're in the moment saying it. I just love the charge of having a conversation with a total stranger, with no expectation that it's going to be anything but a five minute conversation, that really actually flows. It had zing, it was awesome and energizing and reminded me that I love people and that it's possible to have an actual human connection with someone you don't know the slightest thing about. It was a fun five minutes, pure and simple, and that's electric any way you slice it.

Current Mood: squeeful, of course!
Thursday, March 8th, 2007
4:44 pm
i have an interview. in my field.
with nuns.
everything is more fun with nuns.

x-posted to my journal.

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
2:04 pm
a full wine rack
and key lime pie liquer.
do i really need to say more?

Current Mood: jubilant
Monday, June 12th, 2006
1:56 pm
i was dreading looking for jobs today, but it has been entirely great.
first i went to the used bookstore and got an application.
and found 3 books i wanted for $1 each.
then i remembered that the new jane carey book came out TODAY! so i checked half-price books, didn't find it and used it as an excuse to go apply for a job at barnes and noble...where i met a very nice fellow sff geek who seemed eager to have me come work with him.
checked out a couple more places, bought ross some jeans he has been asking me to get for him, and discovered !! there is a new air traffic store that has opened near us!
for those of you who don't know, air traffic is a gaming/juggling store. the guy who owns it is nice/knowledgable/gave me a free club-juggling lesson and gives lessons for really cheap on sunday afternoons!!! i know where i'll be spending my sundays!
i couldn't resist. i got a contact juggling ball to replace the one i have that is really way too small for it. it is BRIGHT orange and UV sensitive.
so now i get to go home and enjoy my fun new toys/books.

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, April 17th, 2006
6:31 pm
Que caballero
I'm gonna write this squee and it's probably going to come out sounding like I've got a crush on this guy, but really, I'm just charmed.

There's this guy in my new class who's done all these chivalrous things I just don't see people doing anymore, and it makes me squee just a little inside every time. When we first met and introduced ourselves to each other, he was sitting down and I was standing, and he actually stood up just to shake my hand. That's a whole lot of effort for three seconds, you know? I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before, and it would certainly never occur to me if I were sitting at a table to stand up to shake someone's hand. And today at lunch when I joined the table out in the common area, he stood up and offered to get me a chair. I told him thanks, but no, I'd get it, because the table next to the one we were sitting at didn't have any chairs, and the nearest chairs were about twenty feet away. If it had been a matter of moving a chair two feet, I would have said, why thank you, that's so kind, and gone back into the kitchen to get my tea cup. But as it was it just seemed like too much effort to let someone go to just to do an inconsequential nicety, and so I got the chair and the teacup in the same go.

And the nicest thing about this? While I get the feeling that he's probably not this much of a gentleman to other guys, I don't feel like he's got an "ooh me big manly man, protect you little helpless woman" attitude going on. It would be easy to make this sort of thing smarmy, y'know? But it seems like pure habit for him to act this way. We interact as equals, and the chivalry is just an added bit of charm.

So, yeah. Squee.
Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:34 pm
slipped into my hand by a student today...
...an invitation to an unbirthday party that's going to be held next month for herself and her closest friend. 9 going on 10 years old. I take it I was the only grown-up invited. Very cute, indeed. I need a "Parent's Signature" if I am to get a goldfish at the party to bring home. :o)

Professionally it's probably a good idea not to go, even if I would just be talking to their parents and watching the kids have fun, as then I'd be showing favoritism and it wouldn't be fair to the other kids in the class (assuming any of them actually wanted me anywhere near them on a Saturday!). Personally, both kids really are among my favorites and I'd like to figure out a good way of showing them how much I appreciate the gesture without actually attending the party. Perhaps I could donate something to the cause? Give them hand-written cards instead? Any ideas?

Anyhoo, it's all...


I hope this somehow indicates that I've had a positive impact on these guys for the past few months. I know they've all meant a lot to me.
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
6:57 pm
I went to see Transamerica at The Charles (the hip indie/foreign theater of Baltimore, that actually has coffee at the concession stand!) last night, which was quite an enjoyable movie but is mentioned primarily to provide context for my squee. As many of you may know, I devoted last November to winning NaNo, and for my pains I acquired this nifty little button that says "I write books," which I put on my purse. So, the kinda cute Box Office Boy said to me, "you write books?" and I sort of blabbered about "oh, not really, it was thing called national novel writing month and it was really more like half a book but anyway, I won!" I think I wasn't particularly clear, but hey, he noticed my button. Which makes him only number two to ask me about it.
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
10:59 pm
my husband and i are going to go see don giovanni next month!!!!
it's been 3 years since i've seen an opera.

Current Mood: ecstatic
3:08 pm
cross-posted to my personal journal
a very simple story mit massive sarcastic lead-upCollapse )

In unrelated news....

Justin and I are going to get kitties! I wanted to get one but Justin says we have to get two adult ones who are very attached to each other and therefore difficult to place because then we would be doing A Good Thing for the kitty cat community of London.

And Seren's got a pretty little artist girlfriend! Is massively giddy and cute. Want to pinch his cheeks.

Very squeeful day.

Current Mood: excited
4:17 pm
such a great frickin' day!
first off i didn't have to work
second off it was an incredibly beautiful day. in january. at 55 degrees.
third i got a new car.
it is a 2001 black honda accord w/a sunroof!!!!!!
i love sunroofs. and she only has 47k on her. and it is mostly paid for by insurance.
fourth i got paid.
fifth my girl dana sent me a care package with a really silly t-shirt and some cd's.
sixth we had susan over and made a really good dinner...orange and soy marinated chicken and rice and asparagus and a salad with bacon and spinach and orange slices in it.
and then we drank lots of very pleasant wine and went in the hot tub and chatted about relativity and religion....i don't think i've had such a perfect day in years.

Current Mood: happy
Friday, January 27th, 2006
10:25 am
Bron was rushing to meet some friends for an impro show.

Bron went to the cash machine at veryveryverybusyandanonymous London Bridge station.

She got a bank balance to see What Was Going On with her finances.

She withdrew one hundred pounds to get her through the next week (or perhaps slightly less... eep).

She took her card and started to walk away studying her balance and putting the card into her wallet.

She heard someone call, "Um, excuse me, Miss?!"

She turned around and took the one hundred pounds that had not been withdrawn from the machine.

Wow, there are honest people in London!

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
5:36 pm
well, I'm usually not one to squee and tell, but....
Every single day I think I'm blessed with at least one or two moments that are squeeworthy (not that I actually, physically "squee," as my body isn't really designed or inclined to be squeeoriffic like that, but anyway........) as I work at an elementary school. But today... today was really quite cool.

I actually work at two schools, and the second these is usually a rather rigid den of discipline, order, and all things borg. One teacher in particular seems rather burnt out and gets incredibly annoyed at her class all the time. Fortunately though, even the collective hive has a maverick or two who knows how to kick back, relax, and take life a shade less than seriously, including this one rather tall 5th grade girl in the forementioned teacher's class.

So, a week ago Tuesday, I go to the school for the second part of my day and see the tall girl waving to one of her friends behind me all the way down this long noisy kid-filled hall (not many of the students at the school know me because I only work there 2 hours a day and I'm in a different classroom each day of the week, mostly in kindergarten, and the upper-grade teachers oftentimes have me holed up in the back of the room grading papers (which is not at all what I prefer). So, down the noisy kid-filled hall I walk and into the classroom I go and it was only later when I talked to the tall girl a bit about something classwork-related that she asked me, "Mr. Z, why didn't you wave back?"


Ah, but now fast-forward to today... today when, on my way back to the car from the office, who do I hear shout, "Mr. Zeeeee!!"? Lo & behold? It's tall spunky waving 5th grader! And so she waved from across way across the way and I smiled and waved too. And then she waved some more. And I waved some more. And then we walked towards each other waving our extremely large and exaggerated waves and it was only natural to finish our waviness with a gigantic high-five. :o)

Long hard days don't seem quite so tiring when they end like that.

Current Mood: cheerful
11:12 am
Boomerang Bird
It was 8:00 AM and I was, as is tradition, grouchy. I had my bird Bulu on my shoulder, when she got spooked and took off. She hasn'thad her wings trimmed in a bit so she can actually fly for a couple seconds.
She powered off towards the cubboard and upon realizing it was made of solid wood veered back. She boomaranged around the kitchen right back to my other shoulder.

So adorable.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
9:40 pm
My Two Cents
I was having a crappy day. My cell phone was being bizarre and non-functional, and my cable (and thus internet) was down at my apartment. I was not pleased. I called Cingular to rant about the phone issues, and after about half an hour of being shunted around to various people and non-functioning service numbers, I finally found a real person.

This guy was obviously very bored, very intelligent, and very friendly. He not only helped me with my phone's problem (really a problem with the hands-free headset; they're sending me a new one), but he chatted and joked and generally just made me smile. I grumbled about having to pay sales tax, and he pointed out that California's worse, but that Arizona (where he is) has very low sales tax, but it's counterbalanced by being a frikkin desert. Then he mentioned a lake he likes to go swimming and hiking at, and we joked about idiots who don't know how to drive 4-wheel-drive vehicles. He took my information, and we chatted a bit about Alexandria (apparently his brother lives in McLean - small world), and then he told me to have a good evening, and I actually believed he meant it.

So that, added to the discovery of this community and splodefromcute, means that my day wasn't a total loss after all.

Current Mood: better
7:24 pm
The Maiden Voyage of the U.S.S. Squee
Trader Joe's is a great store. I popped in to buy some veggie gyoza and edamame beans for a party, and of course that wasn't all that I picked up, because I love the food there so much. The Sample Provider Guy was chatting with me when he saw the huge Box O' Strawberry Goodness in my shopping basket, so I explained that my housemate and I had been planning on having chocolate covered strawberries for a while. So, because he was super cool (or on commission? The world may never know!) he walked me half-way across the store to show me the chocolate frosting and the hazelnut spread options. I went with the Hazelnut spread, because he said it was like Nutella, but without the Partially Hydrogenated Oils. ROCK! And then the Additional Cashier to the Front Chick was equally chatty and cheerful, and she complemented my mohawk. I said it was the most fun I've ever had with my hair.

I walked out of there feeling so good because I had such a great time talking to these two strangers. It was totally squee-worthy.

Welcome to mademesquee. I hope we make it a wonderful and vibrant community that makes you smile just a little every time you visit.
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